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Our 100% pharmaceutial-grade supplements will help you reach your fitness goals quickly and safely. Considered to be the closest legal thing to steroids without having to worry about the hassle steroids bring.

What does this mean? This means you'll be able to reach your fitness goals with the best results possible without crossing the line into illegality, without the negative stigma, and without the negative side effects that's associated with anabolic steroids.

Our exclusive oral delivery system means that you'll achieve your desired results without having to use needles.  All of our products are legal, oral supplements.

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Anadrall-50 Tabs

Considered by many to be the most powerful bulking product available, results of Anadrall-50 can be dramatic. A novice experimenting with Anadrall-50 is likely to gain 18 to 24 pounds of massive bulk, and it can often be accomplished in less than 6 weeks.

Gains of 10 lbs in 2 weeks are common, as well as a 25% increase in strength in all major compound movements.


Please browse through our selection of industry leading performance products, and if you have any questions, please contact us here.  No matter what your goal is, we've got a product or stack to help you reach your highest potential.

We provide discreet shipping to the U.S., APO/FPO, and Canada.  We also offer a 5% discount for all U.S. military personnel.

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,  Anadrall-50, & a T-shirt for only $109.



"Just wanted to say, it's been 7 days since I've started your products and I've already gained 6 pounds! I'm shocked at the gains I'm making. Thank you so much for having great products. I will diffidently be ordering again soon."

 Justin; Whitesboro, NY

"Your Anadrall-50, Dianibol, and Retabol are great supplements. I've gained 10lbs of lean mass so far. I can't wait to gain another 10lbs. Keep up the great work."

Mark; Victorville, CA

"I just had to thank you.  I love Anadrall-50.  I felt its power the first time i used it.  I feel it making a huge difference in my workout routine.  I will do lots of business with you in the future.  I actually have a product that works now!"

Kevin; Ketchikan, AK

"Just wanted to let you all know how wonderful your products are.  I just finished one cycle and will look to order another within the next week.  Keep up the great job.  You guys rock."

Travis; Florence KY

"This stuff is 5 out of 5 stars.  Amazing results."
Carson; McConnell AFB, KY

"The products I used were Anadrall-50, Sustinon, and Decapoise.  I gained a total of 15 solid pounds on these products and I am about to order the Winstrall and the Clen to see how well they work." 
Johnathan; Fresno, CA

"I'm a very hard gainer and I've tried everything.  Of course, I was skeptical but I
ordered the Decapoise and Dianibol.  To my surprise I had gained 18 lbs after 3 weeks.  I went from 190 to 208.  I was shocked and impressed.  I'm ordering my next cycle right now.  Guys, you can't go wrong with LegalSupps.  I give them a thumbs up."

Derrick; Camp Taji, Iraq

"After using LegalSupps.com products for 3 months (Dianibol & Anadrall-50), I have experenced amazing results -- An overall 60 percent strength increase, muscles are fuller and more defined than ever before.  I would recommend these products to anyone wanting an edge in the gym." 

Michael; Oak Grove, LA

"You guys are awesome.  Thank you for all your quick responses and rapid ordering.  I would recommend you highly and use you again in the future... Have a great day!"
Suzanne; Boca Raton, FL

"I swear by the products and my wife has truly noticed the difference.  Each day I feel stronger and my energy is at an all-time high.  I can’t wait to go to the gym each day."

Curtis; Addison, IL

"You are the perfect site to shop supplements.  The shipping is flawless and the fastest I've ever seen.  Thanks for your integrity."

Wilfredo; Gurabo, PR