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Decapoise Review

What is Decapoise?

Decapoise is said to be a powerful oral hybrid supplement that gives you even and predictable gains plus a boost to your endurance capacity like you took a shot of Equipoise. This is coupled with the strength and muscle gains you get like you just took a shot of Deca.

This powerful little tablet comes in a counterfeit proof, rapidly dissolving tablet form that gives you a quick androgenic and anabolic burst that keeps your whole body from burning its muscle mass to fuel its metabolic processes. All of this speeds up your recovery time needed.

The big advantage of taking a supplement like Decapoise is that it will increase your Nitrogen retention. This will allow you to use your protein available a lot more efficiently. First time users of this supplement say that they feel a better pump and an increase in blood flow from the first day.

Another advantage from a bodybuilders point of view, is that it can be just as easily used in the off-season as pre-contest. This gives the athlete the advantage of being able to gain muscle mass when dieting down for a competition and when bulking up in the off-season.

Although Decapoise is commonly used with other compounds, muscle gains of between 5 and 10 pounds a month is normal. Decapoise is NOT an anabolic steroid, which means no anti-estrogen is required. It is not the Equipoise, Decadurabolin mix of injectable steroids mentioned above.

The Decapoise Hybrid Supplement Tablet is sold for around $75 for 50 tabs, it is not cheap.

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