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Do Legal Steroids Really Work

As you know anabolic steroids are illegal and have dangerous side effects. Today there are supplements that claim to be legal and safe alternatives to steroids. What is the difference and do any legal steroids really work?

All bodybuilders have some knowledge that the hormone that allows you to grow the size of your muscles is testosterone (T). If you're training to add muscle mass, or trying to increase your libido to make up for that natural decrease in your testosterone levels after 30, then you should know the difference between a steroid and a testosterone booster.

Testosterone boosters will help your body to make testosterone naturally, steroids are drugs created in a lab, usually taken in pill format or injection to introduce synthetic testosterone directly into your body. Steroids are used by doctors for helping a wide range of different health related issues.

But steroids developed specifically for the purpose to build more muscle, taken without a prescription is simply illegal. There are anabolic steroids and there are androgenic steroids. Anabolic steroids are steroids that are designed to help promote growth of the muscle.

Androgenic steroids assist with any sexual dysfunction or other sexually related issues faced by males, like erectile dysfunction or a decreased libido. Most steroids come in a pill or tablet form which can be very confusing for someone specifically interested in T-booster supplements and not steroids.

One needs to be very vigilant these days because there are certain anabolic steroids that appear to be testosterone boosters, so it's very important when looking for a supplement that is right for you, to know the difference. Steroids have developed a lot of slang terms like, juice, roids, pumpers, Arnolds, Gym Candy, Stackers etc.

Steroids are very different to T-boosters because you'll suffer from side-effects when you take steroids. Side effects like: Decreased testicle size, reduced sperm count, pain while urinating, baldness, impotence, acne, trembling, Halitosis (bad breath), High BP, Cancer, Depression, Anger (a.k.a. "Roid Rage"), kidney, liver and heart failure.

Testosterone boosters are ideal for men and they are legal, safe and product good results. It helps them improve strength, performance, and muscle recovery. Men who are over the age of 30 can then reap the benefits.

T-booster supplements are able to increase your own T production in many ways: Firstly, they provide the compounds used by your body to make its own testosterone. Secondly, it sends chemical messages that then trigger the increased production of testosterone.

Thirdly, it triggers the release of any T you have straight into your bloodstream when needed. Fourthly, it fights off those hormones and enzymes which drive your T levels down too low. Fifthly, they play a key role in the way your body synthesizes and is able to use various growth hormones (HGH).

Compared to T-boosters, anabolic steroids look rather crude and clumsy, T-boosters can work extremely well without worrying about side effects. But not every natural testosterone booster is going to have the same desired effect on all men.

Another big advantage of any testosterone booster supplement is they can also be customized. While some formulas will just boost your T levels, others will combine T-boosters with another natural ingredient to support the muscle, libido enhancement, physical strength, fat burning, and your bodybuilding performance to improve measurably.

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