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What is The Fastest Way to Build Muscle

Below we have 7 key points that will help you to continue to gain good quality muscle as fast as possible.

Muscle Building Tip #1

You need to learn that the best way to significantly increase your muscle mass is to stress the muscle fibers to a point where they start tearing apart. You do this by subjecting your muscles to the external forces you are not accustomed to. To do this you need the use of barbells, dumbbells and machinery found at a gym to see any significant progress.

Muscle Building Tip #2

Unless you are genetically born with a large muscle mass any single joint movements that you do, like barbell curls or triceps extensions will not build any muscle fast. If your objective is to increase your total lean body mass, then you have to use compound movements like cleans, squats, deadlifts and bench-press and work more muscles in less time.

Muscle Building Tip #3:

Most people that have the objective of wanting to increase strength and lean body mass seem to land up using weights that are too light. You need to make sure that you are selecting a weight that you fail on your last rep of each set when doing 3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps each.

Good form is everything when doing a compound movement, training with a partner to ensure that you use the heaviest weight you can with good form will be helped a lot with the assistance of a training partner. If you do not train with a workout partner, then you simply have to stop when you're too tired to use good form, rest a couple seconds, then finish the set. This will build muscle a better way than using weights that allow you to train without reaching complete muscle failure.

Muscle Building Tip #4

Your body needs calories to build more muscle than it has now, if you're doing too much cardio exercise with running or bicycling, then you are probably burning calories which your body could be using to increase muscle size and strength. If your objective is to build muscle fast, then you need to only do cardio for a very brief 2 to 5-minute warm-up, you should only be focusing on weight training.

Muscle Building Tip #5

Eat! To add just one pound of quality muscle to your body you need to eat an additional 3,500 calories. If we consider that it is very possible to add another 1 to 2 pounds of this quality muscle every week, then we need to eat an extra 500 to 1000 calories every day to get an extra 3,500 to 7000 calories every week.

But it's not just about counting calories either, if you want your pound or two of muscle to have any value, it needs to be quality calories that don't just come from junk foods. You need to eat foods like grass-fed beef, fat from healthy sources like avocadoes or coconut milk, and complex healthy carbohydrates like yams and sweet potatoes and brown rice.

Muscle Building Tip #6

Muscle Building Supplements do work; it just makes it easier. For example, a good high-quality protein-powder, but there are other very well proven supplements like creatine which will only help any muscle gain endeavor.

Muscle Building Tip #7

You probably know very well that when you train for too many days in a row without a rest, your muscle fiber becomes too damaged to be able to repair properly and grow. If your objective is to increase muscle mass fast, you need to completely fatigue the muscle group, and then give it at least 72 hours for it to repair correctly from a high intensity muscle-building, workout session.

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