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What is The Fastest Way to Get a Six Pack

We need to mention upfront that getting that set of 6-pack abs on a washboard stomach does not start with clever abdominal workouts, they are very important but there is a big difference between doing abdominal exercises to strengthen your abs and doing them to lose fat.

To lose fat it is going to be a lot easier to eat less calories than work off 3,500 calories (1lb fat) by training hard. Start by only eating complex carbs, eat your protein starting first thing in the morning, cut out any and all processed goods, make sure you only eat healthy fats, drink plenty water, and try to eat 4 or 5 times a day.

If you are eating correctly then you want to do the fast six pack workout listed below between 2 and 4 times a week, either in a "standalone" workout or it can be bolted onto your usual routine. You got to push, taking no rest between moves, it will take you only 10 minutes to complete.

The routine (repeat 3 times)
The long-arm crunch X 12 reps)
Reverse crunches X 12 reps)
Janda sit-up X 12 reps)
The Jacknife X 12 reps)
Extended plank X 45 seconds

1. The long-arm crunch

Lying on your back with both arms straight behind you and your knees bent. You then, keeping arms above your head, do a traditional crunch in a slow and controlled manner. When you extend your arms you'll be adding a longer "lever" to this exercise, placing more strain on the upper part of your rectus abdominis.

2. The reverse crunch

Lying on your back with your hands clasped behind your head, with feet crossed you then slowly bring your knees to your chest until you're bent to 90%. You need to try and contract your abs so you curling your hips off the ground, while you reach your legs upwards to the ceiling. You then lower your legs down to their starting position not letting your feet get close to the floor. This will ensure that your abs will be continually activated.

3. Janda sit-up

Start by clasping hands behind your head, with knees bent you're lying on your back. You then "dig" both heels into the ground and contracting your hamstrings, while doing an ordinary crunch. When you engage your hamstrings you will disengage your hip-flexors, making your stomach muscles do more work.

4. The Jacknife

Lying on your back with both arms above the head, you then simultaneously lift both your arms and your legs to the ceiling, until your fingertips are touching your toes, then go back to the starting position. The Jacknife should only be done after you have specifically pre-exhausted the upper and the lower regions of your rectus abdominis muscle. This jackknife exercise will comprehensively train all your stomach muscles completely in one exercise.

5. The extended plank

Placing your hands about 10 inches' front of your deltoids, with toes against the floor, you then hold this position keeping your back completely straight as you try breathe normally. This movement specifically trains your transverse abdominis muscle, it is the deepest abdominal muscle layer you got and it wraps around your whole midsection. When you extend your hands past your shoulders as mentioned above, you then force all the muscles that do this plank movement to work over a much larger and more difficult ROM (range of movement).

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