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What Foods to Eat for Muscle Mass

Gaining muscle mass means you need to eat high protein foods. It doesn't mean that you just need to eat protein once a day, it means you need to eat protein as many times a day as possible. It requires a plan of action so that you can ensure that your amino acids are readily available whenever they are needed.

1. Eat more foods that are higher in both fiber, protein, and water like: Lentils and some black beans, which will give you a good form of protein without any unnecessary calories. You should also eat lean chicken with some broccoli or meat and veggies. Watermelon is a great and filling, low-cal fruit.

2. Eat viscous foods

Studies now show us that people will perceive viscous foods (thick in texture) as a lot more filling:

Yogurt (good protein source)
Oatmeal (good fiber)
Thick pureed pure vegetable soup

3. Eat lots of low-cal foods with lots of volume like:

Huge leafy salads
Chicken pounded to a plate size
Big bowl of soup

4. Beef (Grass-fed cattle)

Beef is important as a protein for building more lean muscle because of its protein content, its cholesterol content, its zinc, vitamins B and its iron content. Grass-fed cattle will have higher levels of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) than any conventionally raised cattle, giving you a solid boost in shedding any body-fat and building up your lean muscle mass.

5. Beets

When you eat beets you take in betaine, known as trimethylglycine, which is able to enhance liver function and improve your joint repair, but it has also been shown in more than one clinical trial to help increase your muscle strength and your power.

6. Brown Rice

This slow-digesting whole grain provides you with a longer-lasting energy and will help to boost your GH (growth hormone) levels, critical for encouraging the growth of lean muscle, fat loss and any strength gains.

7. Cottage Cheese (Organic)

Cottage cheese is rich in casein protein, which is the slowest-digesting protein, meaning that it will help to prevent your muscles from getting used as a source of energy while you are fasting during the night.

8. Eggs

Eggs are known to be the perfect protein, but eggs offer an ability to boost your strength and lean muscle gains is not due its protein content alone. It gets plenty of help in building muscle from the egg-yolks, where cholesterol is found. Eggs have now conclusively shown to decrease your LDL (bad) cholesterol usually associated with atherosclerosis.

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