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Primovar Review

What is Primovar?

Every male over 30 years old wants to know how they can get more testosterone. Supplement companies from all over the world sell us some new testosterone alternatives every day, which you can easily purchase these herbal compounds online that will boost your own bodies ability to produce more natural testosterone.

Primovar 100 went an "old school" route when they created their hybrid steroid analog type supplement which they claim to be able to help one get a huge increase in strength and muscle definition in both female and male athletes. It is promoted as a very useful natural alternative to steroids.

The reason why Primovar is so effective for competing bodybuilders is that it allows you to lose a serious amount of water, increasing your pre-contest definition. It also does not affect the aromatization rate (conversion of testosterone to estrogen) very much.

But further research into Primovar 100 showed us that although it is considered a legal steroid, it is still openly banned by some important athletic organizations. Unfortunately, Primovar 100 does not reveal its formula. Only two ingredients are mentioned in the advertising we saw pre-launch. These two ingredients were Methenolone and Oxandrolone.

Both of these prohormones are able to synthesize into testosterone when they have reached the bloodstream. The recommended daily dose for Primovar is 1 tablet taken every 3 to 4 hours. To never exceed 5 tablets taken in one day.

According to the World Anti-Doping Agency Methenolone has been declared a banned substance. Oxandrolone is now a controlled substance in U.S.A. and Primovar seems to get away with selling this banned substance online. They say when you try this Primovar steroid you'll be able to transform your body in just 30 days. The manufacturers explain there are no side effects, with pharmaceutical quality packaging and results that work fast.

The advertising seen online is very limited with its information on the product. They explain that even if you're preparing for that first bodybuilding competition, you going to need something that will push you past any current plateau.

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