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Retabol Review

What is Retabol?

Retabol is a bulker which should ONLY be used for a maximum of 3 weeks. It has a very strong Anabolic effect on your muscles, with no apparent Androgenic side effects. The discovery of Retabol was a breakthrough for most bodybuilders who were looking to make huge gains with increases in strength and some serious muscle tissue.

The problem with Retabol is that this "bulky" look which this product is able to achieve is a very powerful supplement that MUST BE CYCLED for 3 weeks each time. i.e. 3 weeks on and then 3 weeks off.

Here is what you'll get from taking Retabol for three weeks at a time, in a very planned cycle. It will enable an anabolic/androgenic burst, by keeping you in a very anti-catabolic state which will increase your rate of muscle recovery. It will also improve your nitrogen balance helping your body to utilize your proteins, carbs and your fats more effectively.

You will also know that it will be super effective in enhancing your strength for a lot more of a sustained workout. It has shown to improve your muscular tissue to bulk up your physique. Quick gains of 5 - 10lbs are common to achieve in just the first month.

Retabol is not an easy product to take because it is not only expensive but you need to take 3 tabs before working out and another 2 tablets after your workout, tablets should be taken with food. On your non training days you need only take 1 tablet every 3 to 4 hours, with a maximum of 4-5 tablets per day.

Reports from users who use Retabol say that it has increased their ability to use a heavier weight and they are getting a better pump that they did before taking this product. The general consensus is that this stuff works great but should never be used continuously for more than just 3 weeks.

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