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How to Stack Supplements for Mass

Choosing the right supplements can be difficult and very expensive, but stacking your supplements can be more confusing than it should be.

It should also be noted that all the supplementation you can give yourself is useless if you're not eating a good diet. When it comes to building muscle "you are what you eat". If you're eating crap, your physique will reflect it. A bad diet causes all kinds of problems, from too much body-fat, bad skin or bad hair, to muscle atrophy and stagnation, the list is endless.

But we gain muscle or lose fat based on simple physiology rules that tell us that to gain more muscle, you have to exceed the calories that you burn from the calories that you eat. To lose any body-fat, you have to exceed the amount of calories you're eating with the calories that you burn.

It's not as simple as the above text implies above, the experts recommend keeping a food log of everything you eat, when you just starting off. "Bulking" is not the answer either, looking swollen big and fat, if ever, they were able to rip down to finally see their abs, they would have looked a lot better eating "lean mass" instead.

Stacking supplements is essentially about using complimentary items each contributing to INCREASE in each other's effectiveness.

The objective when stacking is to prime your anabolic environment to speed up recovery. This is done by supplying the protein and nutrients required, supplements cannot assist with muscle recovery and increasing your blood flow.

When supplements are selected specifically to increase your chances of increasing your lean body mass, you should use a T-booster with a powerful supplement like Kre-Alkalyn which can be stacked together with amino acids.

Amino acids are vitally important building blocks on which our foundation of life is built. The problem is our bodies are unable to make many amino acids that it's going to need, which are the 9 essential amino acids. Taking amino acids like L-Glutamine will help to boost your muscle recovery, limiting soreness after an intense workout and delivering more energy straight to where it needs it most.

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